Gardens & Politics lecture - York
Sunday 10th April 2016

I will be giving a lecture on the above for the Yorkshire Gardens Trust and Yorkshire Philosophical Society on the 3 May at 7.30.

Venue - Tempest Anderson Hall, York

For more details, see http://www.ypsyork.org/events/gardens-in-history-a-political-perspective/

Management Consulting 5th edition
Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Due to be published 20 April 2016!

Visitor Experience thoughtpiece
Friday 20th June 2014

This has now been posted on the Parks & Gardens website - see http://www.parksandgardens.org/news-and-events/current-news/757-the-visi...

Comments welcome!

Politics, Gardens and modern Iran
Thursday 3rd October 2013

Tom Turner has posted an interesting piece on his website - http://www.gardenvisit.com/blog/2013/10/02/iran-landscape-architecture-u... about how modern Iran can improve its image both at home and abroad through gardens and landscape architecture

Update on 'Gardens in History: A Political Perspective'
Thursday 16th May 2013

There is another review for my book from Landscape History See Book Reviews. Also there is now an electronic version of the book!

New lecture on 'Politics and Gardens'
Tuesday 15th January 2013

For more information go to Politics and Gardens

New course on Victorian Gardens
Thursday 3rd January 2013

A new course on Victorian Gardens is to start on the 4 March 2013 at Faceby Village Hall, North Yorkshire. Details can be found at Victorian Gardens

GrowthAccelerator programme update
Wednesday 12th December 2012

An analysis has been conducted amongst the first 1000 companies to sign up - for more information click here

New website online!
Wednesday 7th November 2012

Wickham Consulting Services has a new website. Feel free to explore and contact us with any comments and suggestions.