The Garden in British History

This course is designed for people to find out about our British gardening heritage through the places, people and the plants. There is a lot of interest as gardening is a very popular pastime. We have many historic parks and gardens in this country (over 10,000!) and those open to the public are very popular with visitors. Understanding more about our landscape heritage leads to a greater appreciation of them.

Specifically I look at the following:

  • The design styles throughout the centuries and illustrate with key sites (the majority of which are open to the public, so attendees can visit them)
  • Who was involved in creating and influencing these gardens/landscapes - owners, designers, architects, gardeners, writers, painters and plant hunters
  • Other influences such as painting, architecture, philosophy, politics and the economic and social environment

The six two hour lectures are as follows:

  • The first British Gardens: Roman, Medieval and Tudor
  • The French and Dutch influences in the 17th century
  • The English Landscape Revolution of the early 18th century (to 1750)
  • The Landscaping of Britain in the later 18th century
  • Gardens for the masses in the 19th century
  • Change and conservation in the 20th century and 21st century