Historic Gardens Consulting

Why was this garden/landscape created in this way?

While what was created and what remains can easily be seen in historic parks and gardens, visitors can miss what has disappeared. The reasons behind their creation and their significance can also be lost with poor communications. This diminishes the visitor experience, leading to reduced future visits, recommendations and potential revenue.

The historic garden needs therefore to be put in context:

  • In relation to the house and other buildings on the site
  • To the periods it covers (these can often be layers) and what is now visible
  • The people involved: owners, designers, workers
  • Other influences: politics, the social environment, economics

Visitors to historic sites are eager for information presented in an accessible way. Wickham Consulting Services offers a Tailored Strategic Process to help those opening historic gardens to the public examine their current offering and improve engagement with their visitors.

Please also see my thoughtpiece: Visitor experience at historic parks and gardens.pdf

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  • Detailed academic knowledge from MA and research for my book to truly understand the historic landscape
  • Developed and implemented a marketing strategy for the new web resource on historic landscapes – Parks and Gardens UK - funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Developed website for Yorkshire Gardens Trust
  • Leading role in on-going research project for Yorkshire Gardens Trust