World garden history

Gardens have been created in many parts of the world and this course is designed to give a flavour of these. It is not an exhaustive history of all gardens created around the globe but concentrates on those which have been most influential, starting with the earliest gardens in Egypt and Mesopotamia begun over 5,000 years ago. Those that developed afterwards were in some cases the product of outside influence: the exception being Chinese gardens where this was limited.

I look at the following:

  • The design styles throughout the centuries and illustrate with key sites
  • Who was involved in creating and influencing these gardens/landscapes - owners, designers, architects, gardeners, writers, painters and plant hunters
  • Other influences such as painting, architecture, philosophy, politics and the economic and social environment

The six-week course is as follows:

  • Gardens of the Ancient World
  • Muslim Gardens from Spain to India
  • Gardens of Italy 1 – Rome to the Renaissance
  • Gardens of Italy 2 – Baroque to Anglo-Italian
  • Gardens of France and Holland
  • Oriental Gardens of China and Japan